Kamaria (Moonlight)

Kamaria (Moonlight)


Madagascan women have perfected the art of harvesting tall grass from local fields.

The grass is bundled together, then dipped into boiling water and naturally dyed to gain its vibrant color. The weaver hand selects the proper pieces of grass for each part of the basket, then weaves from the bottom up.

The Kamaria design is a weave upon a weave giving it a textured, detailed and intricate finish. The tighter base weave lays a canvas for the looser, raffia designs. Kamaria literally translated means moonlight which is how this bag got her name. The colors of the base weave peep out from behind the freer strands just as the moonlight shines through a crack.

If it’s quality, style and originality you’re after, the Kamaria tote is just for you!

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