Chic Afrique is a unique online boutique that specializes in showcasing modern Southern African inspired accessories, jewelry, accessories, bags, beaded art objects and home décor.  We seek out creative styles from various countries across Southern Africa and gather them here for you to experience. 

We aim to modernize culturally inspired artwork by fusing timeless African craftsmanship with contemporary design. Every piece is hand crafted and carefully curated.

We partner with master artisans across Southern Africa blending our modern style and sensibility with their centuries old crafting techniques to bring you the most unique and on trend products for your home and lifestyle. 

The soul of Chic Afrique is in the fact that every purchase made on the site helps to empower the artisans by supporting them and their families by creating meaningful ongoing employment to bring about positive change so desperately needed in Africa.

Chic Afrique is where function meets art. 

Creatively inspired. Artfully hand crafted.

- Made in Africa with Love.  


Our Story & Vision


Chic Afrique is an original African collection fueled by passion, culture, history and empowerment.

Chic Afrique was founded by Candy Tree, a South African native who moved with her family to America at the age of five.   Candy brings a BA in Art History and over twenty years of brand management, marketing and creative direction experience with her to her business as well as her passion for art and well thought out design.

With a flair for decorating, crafting, entertaining and finding beautifully handmade objects, Candy is primed to source Chic Afrique worthy pieces.

“While I was growing up, I frequently returned to South Africa to visit family and friends. The older I got, the more I began to appreciate the creative and colorful world of African arts and crafts.

I was inspired by the gifted and dedicated people of Africa. Their hard work and raw talent brought forth stunning pieces of art, jewelry, design and fashion while at the same time they were able to provide for their families.”

Candy was particularly mesmerized by the delicate beadwork and culturally unique weaving techniques mastered by the local artisans. Utilizing natural resources and timeless traditions, the people of Southern Africa are able to create magnificent works of art.  

“My uncle spoils me with beautifully beaded art pieces, jewelry and intricately woven baskets from South Africa whenever he visits us in the US.  On his last trip, he inspired me to bring the beauty of African artwork into the US while helping support the local artisans by providing them with work to build a better life.  Being able to share my appetite for art and Africa in one business speaks to my soul.”

Candy put her passion to work. Together with her uncle she began sourcing beautifully original African pieces, each with a modern interpretation and unique flair.

The pieces they sourced are what you now see in the Chic Afrique online boutique. 

Affecting change through style.

We draw attention to the latent talent in Southern Africa thereby empowering local craftsmen and artists. Every purchase from Chic Afrique generates income for the artisans and their families to help improve their quality of life.